about dots

Our Mission

This project is gathering professionals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teacher training in order to fill the gap between the educational system and societal needs. Bringing in international experts and giving them opportunities to co-create, analyze and reshape teacher training methods will explore the possibilities of teaching transversal skills within the STEM classroom environment. All of this is done in order to move teachers above specific fields of STEM and to broaden their teaching approach.

Therefore, the overall objective of this project is the improvement of transversal skills teaching of STEM and other teachers and trainers, all in order to produce innovative teaching approaches.

Our specific objectives

  1. Development of methods, materials & tools for the support of learning and teaching transversal skills.

  2. Training of teachers to implement the developed methods, tools and materials in their teaching practice.

  3. Evaluation of the applicability and usefulness of developed methods, tools and materials.

General information

The DOTS project is all about helping students develop key transversal skills while learning about science in formal and informal settings. Project outputs include recommendations, resources and training opportunities for teachers so they can help their students acquire skills like creative thinking, communication and problem solving while learning about science.

The project was funded in  Semptember 2019. and it will last till August 2022. 

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